Friday, August 10, 2007

Perspective of Failure

Our mantras; things like, "fail your way to success" and "go for no!" require us to re frame our perspective. It's one of the core concepts we talk about in our go for no "sales training program" and in Rich's "go for no" seminars.

Example: when you walk into a room with stuff scattered around... you make a judgement about the state of the room based on your perspective. Maybe to you, it's a total mess. But someone else may see it as almost clean based on their perspective.

So you've called on ten prospects and gotten ten no's. Some see this as a failure, a disaster. We choose to see it as making progress - the stepping stone on the way to success. How you choose to frame the word "no" will dictate how well you can learn to harness the power of no to your benefit!

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