Thursday, July 30, 2009

Edison - A Tenacious Goal Getter

For the Go for No! Video documentary one of the very cool people we met was Frank Attwood. Frank calls himself an "actorpreneur" and is a full time "professional" Thomas Edison!

We got loads of fabulous quotes and stories from Frank (and Edison!). One of the little things that Frank mentioned, particularly struck us as we were going through the footage... it reminded us that the "Go for No!" message has a lot of meanings behind it. And one of those things is to stick to your goal and your dream; to PERSIST! Edison wasn't deterred and neither should you be! Watch this clip and think about what or who you may be letting into your head.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Go for No Movie Update

The Go for No Tour is officially over! (Okay, yeah, for the last 2 weeks but we've been settling back in!) We also learned that driving almost 12,000 miles in 44 days to make a documentary video about "NO!" does not leave much time to blog.

We met and interviewed amazing people and are now reviewing these great clips. Over the next few weeks we plan on sharing a little bit about everyone we met. One of the people we sat down with was Laura Gross of no,no,no, yes! Inc.

You did read that correctly. Obviously we have similar philosophies! We were thrilled to have her on board and get her take on "no." Here is a tiny little snippet of Laura and to keep you looking forward to the next update!

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