Sunday, October 23, 2011

Give the Gift of NO

Looking for a unique gift for that salesperson, business owner, or personal development lover in your life? Give the gift of NO.  For just $12 a copy you can order a personalized and autographed copies of Go for No!  Just send us a note and we'll contact you to take your special order.

"This is the book that we all wished we would have had 25 years ago (well, at least if you're near my age :). A most amazing book! Master this book and you'll master 'winning in life'. Success, wealth and achievement will virtually track you down and force themselves into your life. This book is not a book that is 'recommended'; this book is required reading for anyone wanting to pursue and live their dreams. Get it into your hands as fast as you can. You'll wonder how you've survived this long without it." - Michael Murphy, Author, Powerful Attitudes

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The worst feeling in sales...

If you were to ask me what feeling I would most like to destroy, I know exactly what it is. I was thinking about some of the feelings I have had over the years when it comes to "selling."

The feeling that I would most like to destroy is... Doubt. You might respond, but what about fear? I actually think fear is pretty helpful in a lot of ways. It's such a strong emotion, in some ways - easier to manage. But Doubt is slippery. It sneaks in before you realize it - leans against the wall of your mind, in a black leather jacket, like a gangster from the 1950's, cigarette dangling, asking you, "Who do you think you are?"  Doubt knows that it doesn't have to work that hard.  It only needs to suggest things, in a subtle way, and then saunter off leaving you feeling uncertain; your confidence bullied out of the way.

And so when I think about 'Go for No' and the great results that it can bring people, I am most excited and hopeful that it can remove this most destructive of feelings. So when Doubt comes around you could say, "Oh I know - it's crazy that I think I can do this. It's okay I'm just going for No anyway. You can go now." And Doubt slinks away, head shaking, wondering how it lost it's grip on you.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A really important question...

When it comes to selling we have all been coached and trained to ask questions. Don't just talk and present - ask questions. Shut up and listen! Personally, my sales were not unleashed until I started focusing on the one really important question. It's the question that, when answered, takes me quickly and easily onto one of two paths.

The question is different for everyone. But whether you are offering cleaning services, upgrades on a website, selling life insurance or life coaching... there's the important question and it has to do with WANT. Some call it a disqualifying question.

Now I have to back up because I recently listened to a sales trainer's seminar about cold calling prospects. It started off with bringing up the weather to build rapport followed by a question that was complex enough that it reminded me of one of those essay questions about character arc that I would get on my literature test in high school.

Anywho, my point is - all that questioning is useless if you have not first figured out the want. So stop wasting your time and their time and begin asking the really important question: Do you want this?

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