Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Go for No Tour Across America!

We are excited to announce that starting on May 13th we will climb into our vehicle and proceed to drive 10,000 miles across the country on a Go for No Tour Across America. (See below for the 10 reasons WHY we are doing this!)

Tour Dates: The Go for No!® Across America tour will officially begin in Portland, Oregon, on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 (our home town) and conclude with a tour "Wrap Party" on Saturday night, June 27, at the Nines Hotel in downtown Portland.

Speaking: We are speaking and appearing at private events and team meetings around the country.... check with us now to see if we can attend your event!

Reasons for the Tour: What reason could two people possibly have to climb in a vehicle and take a month and a half out of their lives to drive 10,000+ miles across America? Actually, we have TEN!

1) Celebrate the 100,000th copy of Go for No!® in print, including translation into French, Portuguese, Hindi and (coming soon) Spanish!

2) Introduce our new, Living Go for No!® online membership club

3) Launch of the Go for No!® Kids Foundation

4) Develop relationships with Key Influencers to help spread the Go for No!® message

5) Capture the Go for No!® Stories of highly successful people for a documentary-style video

6) To let meeting planners know we speak!

7) Speak at various events and team meetings.

8) Check a few new steakhouses off the list (if you've ever heard Rich & Andrea speak you know they're fanatics for GREAT steakhouse experiences!)*

9) In truth, Richard & Andrea love a good road trip… and this one is going to be a BLAST!

10) And, of course, to continue the mission of turning your greatest obstacle in to your greatest asset by reprogramming the way people think about failure, rejection, and hearing 'NO!'

Be sure to follow this blog as we post photos, video snipets, and stories about the tour!

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