Monday, September 24, 2012


We all would love "lightning to strike" in our business right? Are you out there with lightning rods? Or are you hiding behind the Christmas decorations in the back of the closet? Which way do you think gets more strikes? Of course, you know the answer to that. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

When Do You Finally Give Up?

When is it time to finally quit?

When we've quit...
We've quit things. Oh yes, the Go for No! people know when to quit. We quit when we realize that the success or achievement of the goal or project will no longer get us closer to our ultimate goals and dreams. And even though in a couple cases we've still been passionate about what we'd originally set out to do - we know we've reached the end.

When we don't quit...
But when the goal is important enough, we don't quit just because things are taking longer than we thought. (they always do.) Are harder than we want them to be (they always are.) Or even cause us to doubt our sanity!  In the end, Thomas Edison said it best...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Go for No! World vs. Go for Yes World

We started thinking about the 'go for no' philosophy almost like it is living in a different world.  As we grow older and we learn life's lessons there is a certain amount of wisdom that is gained. And because of this our view of the world changes. In many ways, the change is not for the better. We learn that people will let us down and that things happen that are out of our control and won't always go our way.  We've grown up believing that looking like a success to other people is a good thing and important. And it's this exact belief that we are raised with that hems us in, causing us to rethink taking risks, being bold and failing. It's this constant striving for success that we call living in a Go for Yes World. But living in a Go for No! World is a whole new perspective, and here it is, defined in the most succinct way that we could...

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