Sunday, October 28, 2012

NO Doesn't Have to Be Scary

I had a wild imagination like all kids. One of my friends and I were convinced that the house across the street from hers was a) haunted and/or... b) a witch lived there. Of course, all evidence that we were able to gather (including sneaking around the house and peering into windows) always appeared extremely suspicious. That's how 'NO' is. We sneak around, avoid it, and it becomes a scary thing, frightening us when we think we'll have to meet up with it. We allow over over-active imagination to make it worse than it is. My friend and I never solved the mystery of the house across the street, we let it drift in favor of some other pressing activity...  spying on the boy next door. . But you can solve this mystery, NO doesn't have to scare you any more!  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rethinking Rejection: Sales Philosophy

Most of us have been taught and trained to do what we call, 'go for yes.' What if you started to 'go for no?'
Go for No! is about intentionally increasing your failure rate... in other words to hear NO more often.

What? Is that the stupidest advice ever?? 
Hang on.

Here's an example:  When a typical seller has a list of ten (qualified) people that they would like to share their product or service with they will put that list through their 'go for yes' filter.

They will analyze the list and make a few decisions: first, they will decide that 6 of those people will probably say, 'no.' So, they won't contact them. (Why bother? Just to get a 'no?') Then, they spot the three people on the list that most likely will say 'maybe' or 'not yet'. And then they will spot the one person that they are confident is a 'yes.'

They will contact the one 'yes' and get the 'yes.' And if they are really feeling good, they'll try for the maybe people. At least one or two. And now they'll start looking for their next perfect, easy, 'yes.'

When you 'go for no' you don't prejudge, analyze or filter: in other words you don't say 'no' for other people, you let them say 'no' to what you have to offer. And that's when the magic happens.

Join me for a very special 'Go for No!' 30 Day Challenge webinar, October 31st, at 3 pm ET. This is a $247 value training that is being offered at no charge for the month of NOvember! So get signed up here and let some 'go for no' magic work for you!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Eating NO for Breakfast

In our Go for No! DVD Movie, Wayne Allyn Root said, "I always say that I eat NO for breakfast. 'NO' is the opening dialogue of a conversation. That's all no is. When someone says 'NO' to you, that's the start of a long negotiation."

For many people, they might get this on the surface, but putting it into practice is another thing! You can begin by just creating a 'no awareness.' How many no's are you getting a day... or a week, or month? If it's none or not many... it's time to start adopting a new mindset. No's are the breakfast of champions!

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