Saturday, July 19, 2008

Go for No part of the Summer Success Summit

We can't beleive it is mid July already... is summer actually this far along?? We're involved in so many fabulous events lately it's been pretty crazy!

One amazing event we are a part of coming up very quickly is the Summer Success Summit, a virtual seminar event. The coordinator (owner of The Third River) hand picked 10 speakers, coaches, authors, and trainers (including us!) to share their proven strategies with you so you can turn around and immediately put them into action in your own business. And, there is no plane fare, no gas, no hotel stay... and you can even give your kids a hug each night immediately after each session is over. So if you have a burning desire to be more successful in your current business or have a new business you're thinking of starting ... You do NOT want to miss this event. Today is the day that registration opens and the summit starts really soon so don't delay! Go ahead and claim your FREE Summer Success Summit event pass right now by clicking on this link: Take your business to a higher level

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