Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Our single most important resolution happened to be featured today in the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur's blog - a listing of the best of what entrepreneurs are doing for resolutions.

You should definitely check these out - this blog it is perfect for all entrepreneurs and the resolutions are really interesting. Also, FYI: Mike, of "TPE" has a TON of great resources.

Our resolution (#15 on the TPE list) was: "This year we are going to put every new idea through a 10 question filtering system to help decide whether or not we will/should do it."

You might be wondering what the questions are so we will share them here. Keep in mind that these are our own questions we came up with so if a business idea got an affirmative answer to at least 8 but preferably all 10 then it would fit with our mission, our desires, goals, and direction.

1. Is it something we like doing or want to do?
2. Will it make us healthier?
3. Will it move us closer to our 5 yr business vision?
4. Will it move us closer into industries and people we want to work with?
5. Will it result in greater financial freedom?
6. Will it provide ample ROI?
7. Could create passive income?
8. Will it allow us to spend time together?
9. Will it allow us to be creative?
10. Will it challenge our comfort zone/help us grow?

So hopefully we've spurred some of your own thinking about how you make decisions in your life and your business.

Oh, one other resolution that we saw on the blog that fit so perfectly in the Go for No world of thinking: "I resolve to hear every no with grace and every yes with humility." - Rain Fordyce, President of Authentic Times, Inc.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Greatest Shoe Salesman

Here is a guy who is a "Lion" and embodies the "go for no" philosophy. To him, "SELL" is not a four letter word; and he brings a wonderful passion to what he does. A model for anyone who sells!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed by Failing

The other day we were interviewed for a podcast at
by Matrix Solutions Corp.

The Struggling Entrepreneur is a free podcast series that deals with the issues, challenges and problems of the individual who wants to be an entrepreneur, but who may face a difficult path and appears to be struggling. But the podcast series also looks at the opportunities that await an inspiring and dedicated individual who wants to be an entrepreneur, and provides recommended resources.

Truth be told, I think our interviewer was a bit skeptical about bringing us on. I think he might have felt that our approach was negative and that a lot of entrepreneurs would be turned off. After all, we were talking about "failing" and when you use the word entrepreneur and failure in the same sentence - well, all bets are off.

But, after we got into it and had a chance to explain the "go for no" concepts and ideas I think our interviewer was as big a fan as anyone. We certainly appreciated his having an open mind, and I give him a lot of credit for being willing to dig into a concept that, on it's surface, seems a little strange. Fail more?

The line I liked the best, said by Richard, was that people who start a business should make the decision to not start a business, they should make the decision to be in business. That way, even if one business does literally fail you bounce back and try something else. Business is all about risk, uncertainty, and failure. For us, those words equal: challenging, exciting, and daring!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Andrea on Idol Chat

A while ago, we sent out a press release that read; "Consultants say American Idol Rejects More Successful than Most Americans." The release was picked up by The TV Guide Channel's Show, IDOL CHAT, and within a few weeks, Andrea was being interviewed on the show!
Watch her guest appearance here!

Our point was that at least these people out there giving it a shot, talent or not, while most people are lying on their sofas simply watching from the sidelines. And what about the fact that these people can’t sing or dance? In our opinion, talent is highly overrated. In most cases it’s the willingness to face rejection and keep going that determines the level of success you’ll achieve.
Increasing your failure rate is the single greatest success strategy a person can employ. In short, if you can fail, you can succeed!

Idol contestant Thomas Daniels of Seattle is the perfect example of the premise. Daniels, auditioning for the third time after sleeping behind a row of dumpsters the night before, was finally sent through to the next round. What if Thomas had quit after getting the first or second no? He sure wouldn’t be on his way to Hollywood.

You can even look to the interchange between the judges during Daniels’ audition. When asked by Randy why he was back for a third time, Daniels said that maybe the third time would be a charm. When Randy responded, “Or three times and you’re out,” Paula chided him, saying: “Randy, if we’d quit after our third NO, we wouldn’t be sitting here!”

Paula has got it right! Whether it’s competing on a variety show, selling a product or starting a business. What you see on American Idol is representative of what it takes to succeed in any area of life. Failure is simply a stepping stone on the path to success.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Go for No on The Master Mind Session

As everyone keeps telling us "Go for No!" is something for anyone who must face failure and rejection. Whether fundraising, selling a product or an idea you must do so knowing that you might hear "no."

No where does this happen more than in the world of direct sales and network marketing. That's why "go for no" has taken off in this industry.

We have had the opportunity to meet a wonderful person named John Milton Fogg who is, as we now know, a legend in the industry. Author of The Greatest Networker in the World and a master of helping people build their network marketing business.

We had the best time getting to talk with John about our "go for no" philosophies for over an hour for one of his amazing services called The Master Mind Sessions. AND we are excited to say that you can listen to the introduction and a preview of this terrific interview here:

Even if you are not in MLM or direct sales, it's still well worth checking out. John's site has a ton of amazing content from all types of fabulous experts like Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive, Mark Victor Hansen, Denis Waitely, and many many more.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sell is Not a Four Letter Word

There have been a few people lately talking about this idea of selling. Those in favor of it:

On Fast Company, Skip Anderson points out that selling skills are never out of fashion. Internet marketer genius Matt Bacak explains the need to "sell" in his recent report.

In our presentations, we talk about four different selling styles. One we call, the "Retriever." This is someone whose mission it is to make friends with prospects or customers but NOT to look like or come across as a "salesperson." (God forbid we actually sell something!!) Retrievers are good at building relationships but they hate to "sell." They believe that customer service and "sales" are mutually exclusive rather than one and the same.

The Retriever's biggest fear is looking a "Shark" - another one of our four styles. The Shark is rather aggressive - in your face. You tell a Shark, you are "just looking" and the shark will wrap his/her fin around you saying, "Great! Let's just look together!"

But you can have it all. You can be the best of the Retriever and the best of the Shark. Each has their good qualities. We call this style a "Lion." And Lions know that to sell is to serve and they also Go for No!

But the main point here is, we shouldn't feel bad, embarrassed or ashamed by selling ourselves, our product or our services. If it's right for the customer get out there and SELL!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Achieving Breakthroughs

With "Go for No" as our foundation, we're in process of creating another unique workshop called "Achieving Brekthrough Performance" scheduled for January in Portland for High Performers Intl.

Richard is also blogging on his personal breakthrough - A 100 Day Challenge. Check it out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Follow Me on Twitter

Andrea is now representing us on Twitter! Follow her:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yes is the New NO

One of our favorite actors is Jim Carrey and we just saw a preview of his new movie. The movie called "Yes Man" - check out the trailer at Yes is the "New" No

It is about a guy that says NO all the time. Now, he has made a life change which to say "yes" to everything. Not exactly how "go for no" works since we suggest that you need to hear "no" more often in order to hear "yes." But the two ideas are interesting when played off each other.

In this case, rather than being the ask-er, Jim is the askee and says "NO" to everything. So all of our "go for no" devotees would gather a lot of No's from his character! That is of course until he starts experiencing life by saying "yes!" This is a wildly cool premise, we wish we'd thought of it. Jim, if you're out there, have us to the premier!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fear and Change

It's kind of interesting all this stuff in the media and around the election campaigns on "change." In general, it seems most people don't actually like change. Change, for most people is fearful. Right now, lots of people are nervous about the economy, the election, etc. There's a lot of fear and uncertainty. And then you layer in all the talk about change.

Change can be a funny thing though when you consider this great quote from John A Simone Sr: "If you're in a bad situation, don't worry it'll change. If you're in a good situation, don't worry it'll change."

So, relax - cause wherever you are now - it'll probably change.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Cookie Lee Proposal Re-Inactment

No, Richard was not asking me (Andrea)
to marry him on stage at a recent Cookie Lee Convention. We were merely re-telling and acting out the story of how he did ask me to marry him over and over and over until I finally said yes. A story of persistence. He did, in fact, ask so often that when I finally said yes, Rich was so shocked he barely heard me. We were browsing in a Robinsons-May (now Macy*s) department store. So after it registered, he ran off to the jewelry department, bought a ring, and brought it into the shoe department where I, of course, was trying on a black heel. I still have the husband. No longer have the shoes. A great story yet again, of failing your way to success. And we had a wonderful time with the 2000+ consultants and leaders of Cookie Lee in Anaheim! Those people know how to have fun! And they are so passionate about the product - and they should be - it really is fabulous!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Go for No part of the Summer Success Summit

We can't beleive it is mid July already... is summer actually this far along?? We're involved in so many fabulous events lately it's been pretty crazy!

One amazing event we are a part of coming up very quickly is the Summer Success Summit, a virtual seminar event. The coordinator (owner of The Third River) hand picked 10 speakers, coaches, authors, and trainers (including us!) to share their proven strategies with you so you can turn around and immediately put them into action in your own business. And, there is no plane fare, no gas, no hotel stay... and you can even give your kids a hug each night immediately after each session is over. So if you have a burning desire to be more successful in your current business or have a new business you're thinking of starting ... You do NOT want to miss this event. Today is the day that registration opens and the summit starts really soon so don't delay! Go ahead and claim your FREE Summer Success Summit event pass right now by clicking on this link: Take your business to a higher level

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Harry Potter Author's "Benefits of Failure"

Our good friend Patrick Galvin of Galvin Communications is always sharing cool stuff with us. Today he sent us a link to JK Rowling's Harvard commencement in which she talks about the benefits of failure:

Our favorite line... paraphrased... "If you do not fail then you're living so timid a life that then, in itself, is a failure."

Monday, June 2, 2008

CD Give-A-Way Project

In our quest to help people oercome fear of failure, rejection and hearing no, we created this new CD called Reprogram How You Think About NO. It has 10 different tracks including 'Responding to NO', Attitudes about Failure, Comfort Zone, Persistence & Tenacity, Building Your Courage and others...

We spent weeks taking all our best quotes and affirmations and listing them - we had a ton! Then we poured through them, editing and re-crafting if neccessary, and slowly working, ranking each one, carefully selecting and and deleting the ones we decided weren't perfect until we had the top statements for each track.

Then we searched for the perfect music that would go with each track, listening to hundreds of clips, finally selecting the most perfect music that best matched the message and that would allow the statements to easily be absorbed and remembered.

Finally we went into the studio, recorded, edited, re-edited and finally emerged with our new CD! So the deal is, this is a CD we'd like to sell for $35. Instead we're giving it away for just a shipping&processing fee of $4.95.

Why? 3 reasons. One, the selfish reason: we would like to build a following of people interested in learning what we teach - we need to get to know them and that's why we hope this offer drives people to the site to take advantage of it. Next, we really do want to help people in business; sales including direct selling, networking marketing, entreprenuers, (anyone who must hear "no" over and over again!) get this information, and finally we just thought it was a cool idea.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sales Rep Radio

Listen to us talk a little about Go for No! at Sales Rep Radio. This is a great service and you can sign up for free! If you are looking for sales training, sales tips, sales techniques, advice on selling, sales training experts and ideas for success this has it all. We were honored to be selected as guests, check it out:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Greatest Success Strategy has a Movie!

Okay it's not "the secret" (though someday we will make Go for No into a movie-movie) but we are really excited that we have a new 3 minute movie that teaches people about "go for no."

We've been challenged over the years as we have crafted our 30 second "elevator speech" or our single line USP about what it is we actually do.

Well, we finally feel like we have all that down but we still wanted something else that would help us communicate our "go for no" message (a tool that no sales training program or sales and marketing professional should be without!) But something not so short as it's in seconds, but not so long as "read our book and you'll be enlightened."

Hence, the movie. A Portland Co., AngelVision, were the designers of the movie and we got to be kind of executive producers, writing most of the copy, suggesting graphics, and selecting the voice over talent. We loved the process and even more we love our movie!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Fail More in 2008

If you're like many people, you may already be thinking about your New Year's Resolutions... many revolving around how to be more successful. Well, we want to add one to the list and as you might expect from the "go for no" people it has to do with failing more!

Before we explain this in more detail let's take a recap of your failures for 2007. This requires a bit of work and thought on your part. So grab a pen and first, list the five biggest "failures" you had this past year. The ones that you hesitated telling your siblings or parents about. Yes write them down. Okay... now look at the list. Are you still alive? Yes, great. Okay failure didn't kill you so let's move on.

Next, let's look at these failures and come up with at least one great lesson from each of them. Write it down. Will wait. No really, write it down. Okay good. So we failed we survived and we learned.

Now here's the final question... did any of you have to struggle to come with five things you failed at? Did you have search your memory banks? Did you have to start searching your brain - stopping momentarily on a burnt meatloaf because you played it so safe this year that you really didn't feel like there were any actual failures?

Failing and by extension "going for no" is what we prescribe for your year!
Get people to tell you "no" multiple times, multiple ways, over and over. If you are not hearing NO you are not failing enough! Try new things, meet new people, get out there and be willing to fail! Come to the edge and see how good you can really be if you are just willing to stop playing it so safe! May next year, be the year that you say... Five things, just five?

Start the Year Out and Learn to Go for No! Get the book and 3 CD Training Program TODAY.

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