Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fear and the New Year

Another new year is on the way. A time for re-birth; sweep away the old stuff and bring in the new goals and dreams for 2011. So this means one thing: CHANGE! And for many of us, change, even positive change, equals FEAR!

As you think about and plan out what you want from 2011, you are going to get excited. (Let's hope so right?!) And then after a couple of days the doubt and the fear set in. Whether these are business changes, physical changes, financial strategies - whatever - the fear is often there... tapping you on shoulder and saying, "Um, who are you to do this?" and "It would be easier to just hang out, relax, and try this next year." Oh that helpful fear.

Just as I wrote this I came upon on a great article by Barry Farber. Barry interviewed Teddy Atlas, a world-renowned boxing trainer, and he told Barry this:

Fear is like fire. When it's controlled, it'll cook for you, it will heat your home, it will do a lot of good things. When it's not controlled, it will burn up everything around you--consume everything. Same with fear. When it's controlled, it will make you better. It will make you prepare, it will make you do what you have to do to survive. And if it's not controlled, it will consume you just like fire; it will destroy you. You have to understand fear is an ally, not an enemy.

So when that fear is tapping you on the shoulder and whispering doubts to you - just thank it for getting you ready for an amazing year and walk away!

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