Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Get Your Butterflies On

In our book Go for No! we layout what we call the 5 Failure Levels. Level Four is Failing Bigger and Faster.

Go for the BIG No or BIG Opportunity. How do you know if you are working on a BIG No? For me, it's butterflies. You know butterflies in your stomach that make you feel slightly queasy, a bit uneasy.

If I am not getting butterflies in my stomach once a week (minimum) I know that I am not pushing myself and my failure rate.

One week it's contacting a business celeb for an interview. Next, it's calling on a BIG company to speak at their annual conference. The next it's trying something technical (lots of failures there!)... All I know is... I need to feel those butterflies. So, how are you getting your butterflies on?

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