Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Failure, Success, and Mediocrity

I just read a fabulous quote from Randy Gage (a great guy and one the "stars" in our movie!) and it goes: "The opposite of success is not failure, it's mediocrity. Failures are part of the success process as you learn and grow."

One of the questions we asked for the video was for people to share their definition of failure. Like Randy, these amazing people said, time and again, that failure was quitting, giving up, or as Robert Imbriale mentioned in his clip, "failure is sitting on the couch and not doing anything!"

There is no doubt on your journey you question whether you are on the right path. You question if you are heading the right direction. You may end up taking a different route. You may try a few different things. But always remember that you are IN THE GAME. The only failure, in our mind, is for you to give up on you.

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