Thursday, June 21, 2012

Entrepreneurs Do A Brain Download

Michele Price, @Prosperitygal on twitter, is creating a unique audio book based on a signature question she asks on her Breakthrough Business Strategies radio show. (#BBSradio on twitter).

Michele Price serves free content to businesses internationally on Breakthrough Business Strategies radio from Houston, TX. Every Monday she delivers expertise from high-profile speakers and authors to grow businesses for entrepreneurs worldwide. 

After each guest’s interview she asks a question designed to stimulate deep thinking.  And now, her newest project is to stimulate a similar positive international change by creating a #Braindownload program for everyone. But she needs your help!

Her digital audio book will feature thought leaders like Mari Smith, Simon Mainwaring, JeffreyHayzlett, Ann Handley, Carol Roth, Guy Kawasaki, and many, many more.
Using Indiegogo to crowdfund, Michele has created fun and exciting perks for each level of participation.  

One of those perks includes a second audio book of Michele’s proprietary process of tapping into your own BrainDownload mindset using meditative and question based exercises. (I opted for this!)

Check out the BrainDownload event now as time is running out! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Billionaire Blakely's Dad was Failure-Loving Father

Sara Blakely, billionaire founder of the women's undergarment sensation Spanx, wasn't just encouraged to succeed by her father... she was encouraged to fail. 

She was quoted as saying, "my father used to ask my brother and me what we had failed at recently and then congratulate us. He did complete reverse psychology on us.  Failure was something we sought out and not this scary thing. I think many people are debilitated by the fear of failure, so he gave us a real gift."

Sara has also said that over time, because of his encouragement and (literal) high-fives for failing that her definition of failure became not trying. Looks like her Dad's failure-focus paid off!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Persistence Got a Workout from Fitness Guru Denise Austin

You might not know her by name but you'd probably recognize her in a tight pair of workout pants and tank top. Her name is Denise Austin and she's sold more than 20 million exercise videos and DVDs, authored over 10 fitness books, and starred in the longest running fitness show in the history of television.

So... what special talent and skills did Denise Austin have to get to the heights of fitness guru-dom? In a recent article with her alma matter, California State University, Long Beach, she shares how she got invited to a Washington D.C. (through her CSULB connections) dinner for the President's Council on Fitness. Just a California-based fitness trainer with a growing business, it was at the dinner that Denise had the good fortune to meet fitness legend Jack LaLanne. It was right then that Denise says she "gathered the courage" to ask if she could be on his TV exercise show. He gave her a start on his show, and within a month she became his co-host and he, her mentor.  Her entrepreneurial spirit continued and Denise, passionate and driven, continued to grow and build her business.

When she went back to speak to the students at CSULB she told them "Go after it. Don't wait for people to call you back." She instructed them to be proactive in their phone calls and to reach out to whatever opportunities may come your way.

When she was proposing a fitness segment for NBC's Today Show, Denise recounted that she had called the show's producer 35 times, always having the assistant tell her that the producer would call her back. He never did. Finally, the 36th time by her count, she called him up in the evening and he happened to answer. Denise was the NBC fitness expert for four years - so it looks like the 36th time was a charm.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rethink Sales Rejection, Skillfully Sales Handle Objections!

We're bringing together two of the most important pieces to any salesperson’s toolkit: handling rejection and objections!

Mike Krause (of Sales Sense Solutions) and I will be teaching a webinar, June 13th - Rethinking Sales Rejection and Skillfully Handling Sales Objections.

To attend for free, all you need to do is sign up!

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