Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Greatest Success Strategy has a Movie!

Okay it's not "the secret" (though someday we will make Go for No into a movie-movie) but we are really excited that we have a new 3 minute movie that teaches people about "go for no."

We've been challenged over the years as we have crafted our 30 second "elevator speech" or our single line USP about what it is we actually do.

Well, we finally feel like we have all that down but we still wanted something else that would help us communicate our "go for no" message (a tool that no sales training program or sales and marketing professional should be without!) But something not so short as it's in seconds, but not so long as "read our book and you'll be enlightened."

Hence, the movie. A Portland Co., AngelVision, were the designers of the movie and we got to be kind of executive producers, writing most of the copy, suggesting graphics, and selecting the voice over talent. We loved the process and even more we love our movie!

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