Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Cookie Lee Proposal Re-Inactment

No, Richard was not asking me (Andrea)
to marry him on stage at a recent Cookie Lee Convention. We were merely re-telling and acting out the story of how he did ask me to marry him over and over and over until I finally said yes. A story of persistence. He did, in fact, ask so often that when I finally said yes, Rich was so shocked he barely heard me. We were browsing in a Robinsons-May (now Macy*s) department store. So after it registered, he ran off to the jewelry department, bought a ring, and brought it into the shoe department where I, of course, was trying on a black heel. I still have the husband. No longer have the shoes. A great story yet again, of failing your way to success. And we had a wonderful time with the 2000+ consultants and leaders of Cookie Lee in Anaheim! Those people know how to have fun! And they are so passionate about the product - and they should be - it really is fabulous!

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