Monday, January 14, 2008

Fail More in 2008

If you're like many people, you may already be thinking about your New Year's Resolutions... many revolving around how to be more successful. Well, we want to add one to the list and as you might expect from the "go for no" people it has to do with failing more!

Before we explain this in more detail let's take a recap of your failures for 2007. This requires a bit of work and thought on your part. So grab a pen and first, list the five biggest "failures" you had this past year. The ones that you hesitated telling your siblings or parents about. Yes write them down. Okay... now look at the list. Are you still alive? Yes, great. Okay failure didn't kill you so let's move on.

Next, let's look at these failures and come up with at least one great lesson from each of them. Write it down. Will wait. No really, write it down. Okay good. So we failed we survived and we learned.

Now here's the final question... did any of you have to struggle to come with five things you failed at? Did you have search your memory banks? Did you have to start searching your brain - stopping momentarily on a burnt meatloaf because you played it so safe this year that you really didn't feel like there were any actual failures?

Failing and by extension "going for no" is what we prescribe for your year!
Get people to tell you "no" multiple times, multiple ways, over and over. If you are not hearing NO you are not failing enough! Try new things, meet new people, get out there and be willing to fail! Come to the edge and see how good you can really be if you are just willing to stop playing it so safe! May next year, be the year that you say... Five things, just five?

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