Monday, June 2, 2008

CD Give-A-Way Project

In our quest to help people oercome fear of failure, rejection and hearing no, we created this new CD called Reprogram How You Think About NO. It has 10 different tracks including 'Responding to NO', Attitudes about Failure, Comfort Zone, Persistence & Tenacity, Building Your Courage and others...

We spent weeks taking all our best quotes and affirmations and listing them - we had a ton! Then we poured through them, editing and re-crafting if neccessary, and slowly working, ranking each one, carefully selecting and and deleting the ones we decided weren't perfect until we had the top statements for each track.

Then we searched for the perfect music that would go with each track, listening to hundreds of clips, finally selecting the most perfect music that best matched the message and that would allow the statements to easily be absorbed and remembered.

Finally we went into the studio, recorded, edited, re-edited and finally emerged with our new CD! So the deal is, this is a CD we'd like to sell for $35. Instead we're giving it away for just a shipping&processing fee of $4.95.

Why? 3 reasons. One, the selfish reason: we would like to build a following of people interested in learning what we teach - we need to get to know them and that's why we hope this offer drives people to the site to take advantage of it. Next, we really do want to help people in business; sales including direct selling, networking marketing, entreprenuers, (anyone who must hear "no" over and over again!) get this information, and finally we just thought it was a cool idea.

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