Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yes is the New NO

One of our favorite actors is Jim Carrey and we just saw a preview of his new movie. The movie called "Yes Man" - check out the trailer at Yes is the "New" No

It is about a guy that says NO all the time. Now, he has made a life change which to say "yes" to everything. Not exactly how "go for no" works since we suggest that you need to hear "no" more often in order to hear "yes." But the two ideas are interesting when played off each other.

In this case, rather than being the ask-er, Jim is the askee and says "NO" to everything. So all of our "go for no" devotees would gather a lot of No's from his character! That is of course until he starts experiencing life by saying "yes!" This is a wildly cool premise, we wish we'd thought of it. Jim, if you're out there, have us to the premier!

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My Best Of ... said...

I'm going to see it tonight. I fell off my chair laughing as I watched the trailers!

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