Saturday, January 24, 2009

Go for No Day

We have just decided that March 4th will be the official Go for No! Day. We like it because "go for no" is about persistence and nothing says persistence like March Forth! Get it? March 4th!

To celebrate Go for No! Day you should be especially mindful of collecting and counting your No's. And even more important, celebrating all of the failure, rejection and No's that you collected throughout the year!

We will be holding a special call to help you celebrate Go for No! Day and tap into the Power of No! Stay tuned.

After the day passes we will be submitting our celebration details to the organization that officially tracks all of these "special days" so that every year March 4th will be officially recognized as "go for no" day.

Now, we are assuming we'll have no trouble getting approved. It would be ironic if they turned us down and said, "No."

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