Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Go for No! Day

It's March Fourth and that means it is the first annual Go for No! Day. So, how do you celebrate on Go for No! Day? And why would you want to?

It is our position that there is virtually nothing you can't achieve if you are willing to hear NO often enough. But most people have been taught and conditioned that "no" is bad. That if they hear "no" they have failed and they must be doing the wrong thing. And because of this, often they give up and quit.

Our goal is to create a mind-shift and teach people how to use "no" to their advantage. Because ironically, when you go out of your way to increase the number of No's you hear, the yeses will show up at your door in greater quantities than you could have imagined.

So, let's celebrate on Go for No! Day doing a few simple things...

1) Enhance your NO awareness by counting your no's. If you are not already, today is the day to count your No's! See how many you get. Make it for everything you do throughout the day. See what happens!

2) Set a NO GOAL! Set a goal for the number of NO's you are going to hear.

3) Reward yourself for the No's you've gotten all year. On March 4th get yourself a treat or do something you enjoy (Andrea's getting a pedicure!) and celebrate your courage and persistence.

4) Share and teach to others. Share the "go for no" philosophy with your friends, colleagues, team members, etc. Everyone can benefit from using this philosophy whether to grow their sales, build a team, get a job, raise money, and more!

5) If you have not read "Go for No!" the 80 page fable that teaches these lessons in a fun, easy read, get it today from or on


Honorée said...

I love Go for No! And I love the Courage Crafters. Happy Go for No! Day!

Dave Smith said...

I have had the book for a couple months and didn't want to read it...because I focus on the positive-right...ya well this is the most positive way to get to the results we desire. It's like we are telling our subconcious we have lots of yes's and it says ok here you go. Anyways the CEO of SendOutCards told me read it now...we have it in our gift catalog:)

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