Saturday, January 30, 2010

American Idol: Full of NO's

Yet again we have been sucked into the American Idol auditions... a favorite indulgence. Almost nowhere do you get to see more failure, rejections, and NO's in one hour than on this show! Of course, we have long contended that American Idol "Rejects" are more successful than most Americans! Andrea even appeared on Idol Chat to explain. See her video here! Read the Press Release here!

But why would we say this? Well, mostly it has to do with people that are willing to try and fail. Now, admittedly, the "try-outs" have now become rampant with people who can't sing and are clearly just going for thier 15 minutes of fame (pants on the ground anyone?).

But still... many of these contestants are decent signers and they are willing to try and fail and comeback again. In fact last year a great exchange happened between judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul and a contestant.

Thomas, the contestant, had just shared two pieces of his story; one, he had slept behind a row of dumpsters the night before because he had nowhere to stay, and two, this was his third time auditioning for the show (he never got past the “screeners” on his prior attempts). Randy asked, “So you know what this means, right?” Thomas said, “Yeah! Third time’s a charm!” Randy said, “Or it’s your third NO and you’re out!” Then... Paula turned to Randy and said, “Randy, if we quit after our third NO, we wouldn’t be sitting here.”

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