Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dealing with the NO Elephant

There is an elephant in the room and he has two letters painted on the side of his big, grey body. The letters are: N-O. NO! How many meetings do you think go on every day around the world discussing everything but the elephant that is in the room. "What can we do to improve sales? Why aren't we hitting our numbers? How are we going to increase sales - or even keep our numbers from dropping?"

Have these questions changed much in the last few decades? Probably not. So, why do the same questions keep getting asked? Maybe it's because people keep expecting a different answer. But one of the biggest answers has to do with the elephant in the room - you know... the one that no one talks about. 

And the people who are sitting in the meetings or dialing into the teleconference, are all keeping quiet. Because most people do not raise their hand and say they don't like being told NO. Most people do not shout out on a group call, finally saying, "Help, the rejection is killing me!" 

But almost no one is immune. It's time to deal with the elephant in the room.

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michael said...

Love the post. My experience tells me the more you make NO an ok and safe choice for the client, the more you increase the chance of a YES. Let's get real... Clients have other choices.

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