Tuesday, November 1, 2011

25 Random Things About Me

  1. I have a bachelor of science in Criminal Justice and wanted to be a CSI before the public really had any idea what that was.
  2. The average room temperature I prefer is about 80 degrees. Then I am really comfortable.
  3. I don't have kids, I find women who do - amazing. Don't know how they do it.
  4. I called George Lucas' office when I was 8 years old because I wanted to produce movies with him. I had a Corona typewriter and typed up all the movies I wanted to make; including one called X-Caribbean-Tiger-Python about - you guessed it, what happens when a Tiger and Python combine in the jungle. (It's not good.)
  5. The absolute last thing I ever wanted to do in my life was speak in front of people, and now, I love speaking.
  6. I have incredible will power for almost everything except popcorn. I would eat a stranger's popcorn in the movie theater if they offered it to me. (and I was out, which I would be.)
  7. I wash my hair every other day. Every day is too much.
  8. I can be really judgmental and I am working on it.
  9. I don't like heights. I now live on the 22nd floor of a highrise building.
  10. I have, over time, become a total wine snob.
  11. I am becoming, more and more, a vegetarian. Wine luckily, is not meat-based.
  12. I believe I have ADHD, I literally do five things at once, and I mean, literally. I have done four things as I've been composing this blog.
  13. I believe everyone should experience therapy - at least for a bit.
  14. I am pretty sure my parents have no idea what I do, really. They will never read this.
  15. I have never gotten a speeding ticket. The only ticket I ever got was not stopping at a stop sign and that was a travesty of justice; the cop did not see me stop. I argued and lost.
  16. In High School, I skipped class and forged my Mom's signature on notes. I did get caught. It was not good. It was probably also why I had to retake Geometry.
  17. I love cats - I have one now, named Courage.
  18. I am believe in supporting our troops. I think the idea that our Government doesn't put their safety and recovery when they come back, as the first priority, tragic. 
  19. I tolerate pedicures. I really don't like anyone touching my feet.
  20. I love talking to people, I find everyone has an interesting story if just ask them questions. It might be why I also enjoy twitter so much.  
  21. I lived in Orange County California for the first 25 years of my life, then LA for a couple years, then the Pacific Northwest, and now Florida. I like to experience new places.
  22. I've been married twice, I got married at 20 and then at 27. My second husband Richard and I spend everyday together and it's perfect.
  23. I have a fondness for naps - the deep, delirious kind.
  24. I was the Training Director for a retail pet supply company based in LA, and I loved it. I know quite a bit about the life cycle of a flea, why corn is bad for cats, and that dogs love Greenies.
  25. I am doing what I love and I feel really lucky and very grateful everyday.


Janet Callaway said...

OMG, I cannot believe how much we have in common. What a great lesson this is about meeting new friends because of what you share. Actually, I think I may have to include this connection in the post I write for tomorrow.

The one area where we differ is the temperature. Though we both live in warm climates, I prefer 68-72 which is why I live at the 2,500' elevation.

So look forward to "getting to know you . . ."

Pennywhistler said...

I feel the same way - so much in common as I was reading the list my smile just kept growing. Thanks for the post. Pen

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