Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Embracing Rejection Increases Your Opportunities!

When you embrace 'no' and allow yourself to explore opportunities, experiences, business deals, sales... all with a potential rejection, your opportunities for success increase as well. Because we've all been programmed to believe in chasing 'success' we tend to go for the sure thing. You what the sure thing is? Usually the safest thing too. As our friend Randy Gage says, "Risky is the New Safe." Risk your ego... embrace failure... rejection... and potential no's for bigger dreams, a new world, and a much better pay off!

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Anonymous said...

Just want to say I love you people, and the go for no, desire to hear no concept changed my life, I have started to do things I never would have even attempted before because of worrying about what some other bastard would think about me. Now I desire to hear their curses and rejections, it truly frees your life when you embrace this desiring of rejection concept, and it is the only way to get through all the weeds of loosers out in the world and find the worthy people who need and want your help in life. Other than A. L . Williams your book is the best book that I know exists in modern times for just helping people to live among other human beings and being able to achieve your goals and dreams in this world.

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