Monday, February 12, 2007

Courage Crafter Engages in 'Idol Chat'

This past Friday we had an exciting opportunity. Andrea was invited as a guest (Failure Expert)on the TV Guide Channel's "Idol Chat" hosted by former Idol Contestant Kimberly Caldwell and Reality TV Pop Star Rosanna Tavarez.

The topic was from our recent press release entitled "Failure Experts Claim that Rejected American Idol Contestants are More Successful than Most Americans." Obviously, we are not referring to the success around the "singing"but rather the courage to be in the competition; to try and be willing to fail. Ultimately, the willingness to face rejection will propel these contestants (maybe not in singing and dancing!) to higher levels of success than most. It's a trait that is unfortunately not exercised by most of us that prefer to sit on the sidelines and judge.

We have no idea how Andrea did on the show as we haven't even seen it yet but as people who believe in always taking the risk and having the willingness to fail; she did exactly what we wanted - she did the interview.

After the interview we went Palm Springs for some much needed R & R. Because we are intimately aware of the behaviors-results connection, we both recognize that Rich's behaviors were not in alignment with the results we were after on his Fail Your Way to Success Diet Challenge. Some good behaviors: tennis over 2 days and some light swimming. Not so good behaviors: Two amazing dinners at LG's Steakhouse in Palm Desert and BOA in Santa Monica, and lunch at In-N-Out Burger (at Andrea's insistence). However, never ones to cower in defeat or failure, we press on and promise an update next week.

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Patrick said...

Ellen and I are looking forward to seeing this segment with Andrea on the air. Congratulations on the savvy PR tie-in.

We're fascinated with the American Idol phenomenom. It's interesting how many people saw one of the judges, Paul Abdul, as a failed singer when the show began. Now, she's the toast of Hollywood and laughing her way to the bank. Today, a failure - tomorrow the toast of the town. There's a lesson and inspiration for all of us.

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