Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Failing on the Streets of LA

When were in Los Angeles last week for Andrea's appearance on the TV Guide Channel Show "Idol Chat" we got a chance to drive around our old neighborhood. Andrea has an amazing knowledge of the streets of Los Angeles, having us turn here and there as if she drove them everyday still.

And her amazing ability is from...? As she explains, "I got lost so many times I really learned how to navigate my way around." Another good example of a positive "failure" which has now led to a highly successful navigator of Santa Monica and surrounding environs. As Andrea explains...

"I realized even at the time I was driving around and taking extra time to get places that I was discovering the right ways by doing it all wrong. It actually helped reduce my frustration level too because I was able to see the positive side."

This is an important lesson, one we remind ourselves of consistently; when we are failing at something, we are still learning and that ultimately will help us be more successful.

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