Friday, March 2, 2007

The Only Thing Standing Between You and Success...

... Is you.

At Courage Crafters one of the main elements of what we talk about has to do with fear. Yesterday on the mian page of there was a segment on "Scared Celebs" - celebrities with fears; such as: mirrors, shaking hands, pigs, revolving doors, and chewing gum (this is supposedly Oprah's). As ones who make it their business to study fear, we find this very interesting. Most of us have some phobias, many of which are completely unfounded but some do keep us from harm. We have a huge phobia about jumping out of an airplane without a parachute for example.

But these unique phobias, (for example: gymnophobia which is the fear of nudity) tend not to influence our success. However, it is the common fears; fear of failure, rejection, the word "No" that truly impede us from achieving everything life has to offer. And it is these fears under which we actually have the most power and control. That is the good news because we have somewhere to start - we start with ourselves, our thoughts and our actions. It is these fears that inspired us to create our 2 CD set The Fear Factory. A unique story, done in what we call an "audio play" format, the Fear Factory might be just what you need to get beyond these common fears to achieve everything you desire.

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