Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Failing Okay with Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura had a great position on her radio show yesterday. A woman called in concerned that she was teaching her son to be afraid of failing. It seemed that her and her husband had made his success in little league so important that he was getting stressed out and almost not wanting to play anymore.

Dr. Laura suggested that the woman involve her son in activities where she knew they would fail. Dr. Laura said something to the effect of, get out there and do something - some activity and at the end of it, even though you won't be successful, reinforce the fun of it just for having tried... don't even mention the failure, just talk up the activity itself. Encourage the boy to want to do things and try things regardless of the outcome; the success or failure.

Dr. Laura applauded the woman for being a good parent, and she's right. Fear of failure is a great harm to us all. This young boy will hopefully be taught a valuable lesson early enough that his whole life will go differently... When was the last time you did something or tried something even though you knew you would or could fail? Do you hate failing so much that you shrink from enjoying new and different activities in life?

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