Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sell is Not a Four Letter Word

There have been a few people lately talking about this idea of selling. Those in favor of it:

On Fast Company, Skip Anderson points out that selling skills are never out of fashion. Internet marketer genius Matt Bacak explains the need to "sell" in his recent report.

In our presentations, we talk about four different selling styles. One we call, the "Retriever." This is someone whose mission it is to make friends with prospects or customers but NOT to look like or come across as a "salesperson." (God forbid we actually sell something!!) Retrievers are good at building relationships but they hate to "sell." They believe that customer service and "sales" are mutually exclusive rather than one and the same.

The Retriever's biggest fear is looking a "Shark" - another one of our four styles. The Shark is rather aggressive - in your face. You tell a Shark, you are "just looking" and the shark will wrap his/her fin around you saying, "Great! Let's just look together!"

But you can have it all. You can be the best of the Retriever and the best of the Shark. Each has their good qualities. We call this style a "Lion." And Lions know that to sell is to serve and they also Go for No!

But the main point here is, we shouldn't feel bad, embarrassed or ashamed by selling ourselves, our product or our services. If it's right for the customer get out there and SELL!

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