Saturday, November 29, 2008

Andrea on Idol Chat

A while ago, we sent out a press release that read; "Consultants say American Idol Rejects More Successful than Most Americans." The release was picked up by The TV Guide Channel's Show, IDOL CHAT, and within a few weeks, Andrea was being interviewed on the show!
Watch her guest appearance here!

Our point was that at least these people out there giving it a shot, talent or not, while most people are lying on their sofas simply watching from the sidelines. And what about the fact that these people can’t sing or dance? In our opinion, talent is highly overrated. In most cases it’s the willingness to face rejection and keep going that determines the level of success you’ll achieve.
Increasing your failure rate is the single greatest success strategy a person can employ. In short, if you can fail, you can succeed!

Idol contestant Thomas Daniels of Seattle is the perfect example of the premise. Daniels, auditioning for the third time after sleeping behind a row of dumpsters the night before, was finally sent through to the next round. What if Thomas had quit after getting the first or second no? He sure wouldn’t be on his way to Hollywood.

You can even look to the interchange between the judges during Daniels’ audition. When asked by Randy why he was back for a third time, Daniels said that maybe the third time would be a charm. When Randy responded, “Or three times and you’re out,” Paula chided him, saying: “Randy, if we’d quit after our third NO, we wouldn’t be sitting here!”

Paula has got it right! Whether it’s competing on a variety show, selling a product or starting a business. What you see on American Idol is representative of what it takes to succeed in any area of life. Failure is simply a stepping stone on the path to success.

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