Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Our single most important resolution happened to be featured today in the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur's blog - a listing of the best of what entrepreneurs are doing for resolutions.

You should definitely check these out - this blog it is perfect for all entrepreneurs and the resolutions are really interesting. Also, FYI: Mike, of "TPE" has a TON of great resources.

Our resolution (#15 on the TPE list) was: "This year we are going to put every new idea through a 10 question filtering system to help decide whether or not we will/should do it."

You might be wondering what the questions are so we will share them here. Keep in mind that these are our own questions we came up with so if a business idea got an affirmative answer to at least 8 but preferably all 10 then it would fit with our mission, our desires, goals, and direction.

1. Is it something we like doing or want to do?
2. Will it make us healthier?
3. Will it move us closer to our 5 yr business vision?
4. Will it move us closer into industries and people we want to work with?
5. Will it result in greater financial freedom?
6. Will it provide ample ROI?
7. Could create passive income?
8. Will it allow us to spend time together?
9. Will it allow us to be creative?
10. Will it challenge our comfort zone/help us grow?

So hopefully we've spurred some of your own thinking about how you make decisions in your life and your business.

Oh, one other resolution that we saw on the blog that fit so perfectly in the Go for No world of thinking: "I resolve to hear every no with grace and every yes with humility." - Rain Fordyce, President of Authentic Times, Inc.


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Rain said...

Thank you for sharing my resolution. Love your positive blog! What a great find for new and struggling entrepreneurs... I will definitely be passing it on to others.
I look forward to reading more success tips in the future.

smiles and joy,

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