Saturday, December 6, 2008

Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed by Failing

The other day we were interviewed for a podcast at
by Matrix Solutions Corp.

The Struggling Entrepreneur is a free podcast series that deals with the issues, challenges and problems of the individual who wants to be an entrepreneur, but who may face a difficult path and appears to be struggling. But the podcast series also looks at the opportunities that await an inspiring and dedicated individual who wants to be an entrepreneur, and provides recommended resources.

Truth be told, I think our interviewer was a bit skeptical about bringing us on. I think he might have felt that our approach was negative and that a lot of entrepreneurs would be turned off. After all, we were talking about "failing" and when you use the word entrepreneur and failure in the same sentence - well, all bets are off.

But, after we got into it and had a chance to explain the "go for no" concepts and ideas I think our interviewer was as big a fan as anyone. We certainly appreciated his having an open mind, and I give him a lot of credit for being willing to dig into a concept that, on it's surface, seems a little strange. Fail more?

The line I liked the best, said by Richard, was that people who start a business should make the decision to not start a business, they should make the decision to be in business. That way, even if one business does literally fail you bounce back and try something else. Business is all about risk, uncertainty, and failure. For us, those words equal: challenging, exciting, and daring!

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Melissa Blair said...

I heard you on this podcast and loved it. Being a perfectionist, I find your ideas takes the pressure off and I can be more natural. Thanks!

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