Sunday, May 17, 2009

Go for No Tour - First Update

Sitting here looking over the most amazing vista just outside Denver. We have driven about 1700 miles so far (okay Richard has) and have had a really great time!

What has been so wonderful, just as we thought, are meeting people along the way for the documentary video. It is turning into much less "travel log" as the information, stories and motivation we are getting from those we have talked to is overwhelming. We met so far with: Chris Widener ( Michael Clouse ( Margie Aliprandi ( Kody Bateman ( and Dr. TC North ( and they each blew us away with their passion and inspiration. It was also gratifying to see how they were all impressed with our little project. (shamless plug)

So, we plug on. We are missing Courage the Cat but he is really being well taken care of. And, we miss the "easy" cup of coffee; you know without worrying about leaving your hotel room, dressed. Other than that, this is a fabulous adventure, the video pieces are amazing and we are off through Kansas today. Somewhere in Topeka I think... Signing off!

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Anonymous said...

See you here in Atlanta? Rich Casanova

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