Friday, May 29, 2009

Go for No Tour - Second Update

We have been having an amazing time on the Tour having now been on the road for 17 days. The last couple days were in NYC. Not even sure how many miles we've driven, it is at least over 4000. We have met great people along the way all with their unique and inspiring messages of persistence, as well as some great Go for No! stories.

One of the more interesting things that happened was literally almost running over two Missionaries in Portland Maine. As it turns out we ended up interviewing them to get their "Go for No!" story and they did have one. In fact, they told us that for every "yes" they get, they hear about 999 No's! No matter your religious beliefs, you must admit that is one high NO-Quotient!

We also met with Jon Friedman here in NYC, creator of The Rejection Show and author of Rejected! Tales of the Failed, Dumped, & Cancelled. If you have not read Jon's book, you must get it! Jon's mission is much like ours, to remove the stigma of rejections and actually celebrate them so they lose the power over you. In fact, on Jon's show, he has people read and perform their rejected material! We only wish we could have seen a show while here in New York! Off to our Nation's Capitol tomorrow...

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