Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sorry - Yes, You Gotta Call Back!

Recently we've been asked... how long should I keep going? For example: "I call people and leave messages but they don't call me back!" True, it's rare that you get a call back. Unless someone is HIGHLY motivated - right place, right time, right person, right everything - you usually won't get a call back. Face it, do you call everyone back?

Second, and more important... you are pursuing this person. This bears repeating: you are pursuing them! So avoid agonizing over them not calling you back, or emailing you a response etc. The reality is they will reach out when it's right for them. Unless... you are no where to be found!

So what should you do? Be there when the time is right! This means staying touch, following up undeterred by lack of response. Stay top of mind. Something will change. So how long should you keep going? For as long as it takes.

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