Monday, May 3, 2010

Stop Trying to Look Good!

There are some core reasons why people do everything within their power to avoid hearing NO's. Specifically, I want to point out one of our favorite quotes from Lisa Jimenez who was one of the amazing guests we had in our Go for No! DVD docu-movie.

Here's a part of what Lisa had to say...

"It's an interesting reality that we are more committed to looking good. When you get a "No," you don't look good, it doesn't feel good. So we have to be OK with not looking good. We have to be OK with getting dirty, messing up, falling down."

Lisa is so right on here! So what happens when we think we don't LOOK good? As she says, then we don't FEEL good. And now here we are not "looking good" and not "feeling good." What's next? Doing everything in our power to keeping looking good. And if that means quitting, then sometimes we just quit.

So what to do? For us, we flipped the model! We've decided we look BEST when we're getting No's, messing up, and falling down! So stop trying to look good!

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RCBonay said...

I've noticed that when people try to always look good they seldom take risks for fear of tarnishing their image. And because they look good they tend to achieve some level of success in life but they never truly reach their fullest potential. Often it's the hard working guy or gal from the mail room who's willing to take risks who gets noticed and ends up on top.

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