Monday, June 21, 2010

Facing Rejection in Sales

I see a lot of people blogging and chatting about the top traits of salespeople. In our mind, one of the single biggest and most important factors is persistence. It's about persisting despite rejection and staying with the process (via follow up) so that when your prospect is FINALLY ready - you will be there. Larry Winget talked about this idea in our Go for No! DVD Movie:

"There are more bad sales people selling bad products at a higher price, than there are good sales people selling good products at a reasonable price. The bad sales people can make more money - which might make them good sales people - simply because they ask more people. They just stay with it all of the time. They don't understand what rejection is. They look at rejection as a challenge." -Larry Winget


Brett said...

I love this book, the lessons are priceless.

relationshipsellingbuffs said...

What an interesting post. Persistence is key and sometimes they say "ignorance is bliss". Reminds me of beginner's luck or the "underdog" in a sports game. When you aren't afraid to fail, you aren't afraid to succeed. Great post. Thanks.

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