Monday, July 19, 2010

Follow Up Creates Trust

It amazes us how few people these days do what they say they will do. Take following up for example:

Following up with people (after getting permission to check back with them) who initially say "no" or "not yet" achieves two things right away...

1) It's statistically smart. Research shows a huge number of people say "no" when first asked to make a decision. Follow up increases your chances to turn that NO into a YES. Following up multiple times can also play to your advantage. Most people will have gone home long after 1, 2, 3 follow up calls or appointments.

2) It creates trust. Suppose you just told someone that you'll check back with them in 6 weeks or next Tuesday. Then you don't. What does that say about you and how seriously you take your business? What does it say about you caring to keeping your word?

Following up when you say you will creates TRUST. This brings us back to point #1. People often say NO the first time because of the FEAR of making a bad decision. When you follow up you are demonstrating that you are someone who is serious and that you can be trusted. So, ask to follow up with those NO's and then DO IT!

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TelecomSlayer said...

WOW!!! ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON!!! I know if John did NOT follow up with us like he did, we would NOT be here posting this post!!


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