Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Women In Business Radio Monday April 25th

I have literally made about every mistake you can make in business. I forgot what I was saying on stage speaking to a group of 6000 people. I have botched phone calls, messed up marketing materials, screwed up projects, hired the wrong people and made bad decisions and costly mistakes.

On the flip side: I did get hired to speak to 6000 people, fixed mistakes in marketing materials, saved projects at the edge of disaster, learned to deal with clients and suppliers, made great decisions, and made some good money.

I teach people to learn to fail their way to success (to go for no) and myself have had plenty of failures followed by great success.  I have literally failed forward and heard lots of No's. I can't wait to share just some of the lessons learned on my journey this Monday with Michele Price on Women in Business!    

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