Thursday, June 30, 2011

Do You Stick?... Are You Glue or a Post It?

I rarely wait for anything now: Who was in that movie? I have the answer in twelve seconds via IMDB. Husband needs new pair of silk pants. I'll have them fedex-ed and here tomorrow.  Restaurant reservation after they're closed? Doesn't matter, I'll handle it on opentable.

"Patience is a virtue" used to be a popular saying. We've lost the ability to be patient. We are ready to do business NOW! When it comes to selling and sharing opportunities, most customers, clients, and prospects are not actually ready NOW. 

So it is up to us to stick around -  building our business, growing relationships - so that when people are finally ready - we will be there. The problem is that so many people just give up or are looking for that one quick hit that they don't stick around. Customers, prospects - they KNOW IT!  Which is why, they will almost always test you (and say no or put you off). Has this happened to you? And are you still around... or have you run off looking for the next easy yes? Are you glue or a post-it?


kJB said...

That was well said.I guess we need to be like an old garbage can .You put it out by the curb and they empty it and put it back.So week after week they have to deal with you.
See you said it better.I'll go back to wax on and wax off.

Bethany said...

I love asking off the wall interview questions.... I want to add this to my list of questions in an interview. Any suggestions?

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