Monday, October 3, 2011

A really important question...

When it comes to selling we have all been coached and trained to ask questions. Don't just talk and present - ask questions. Shut up and listen! Personally, my sales were not unleashed until I started focusing on the one really important question. It's the question that, when answered, takes me quickly and easily onto one of two paths.

The question is different for everyone. But whether you are offering cleaning services, upgrades on a website, selling life insurance or life coaching... there's the important question and it has to do with WANT. Some call it a disqualifying question.

Now I have to back up because I recently listened to a sales trainer's seminar about cold calling prospects. It started off with bringing up the weather to build rapport followed by a question that was complex enough that it reminded me of one of those essay questions about character arc that I would get on my literature test in high school.

Anywho, my point is - all that questioning is useless if you have not first figured out the want. So stop wasting your time and their time and begin asking the really important question: Do you want this?

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