Monday, November 19, 2012

Creating a Posture that Reduces Rejection

When it comes to 'Go for No' we often talk about the 'numbers game' aspect. That is only one small piece of what a 'Go for No!" mindset is all about.

One powerful nuance has to do with your physical posture. Think about a person who is 'yes' focused. They lean forward - invade space - talk fast - trying to persuade and manipulate. What does the customer or prospect do? They may actually physically move backward... or if not they will mentally. They can sense the pressure.

That is not what the 'Go for No!' posture is about at all. When you are not invested in having to force someone to say 'yes' to you, your posture is relaxed. You can have a normal conversation where you ask questions, gather information, and make a recommendation on what you heard (even if the recommendation is, you don't have the right thing for your customer or prospect!)

 Is it possible to create a posture that reduces rejection? Well, hard to say. It will certainly reduce the pressure and stress created for your prospect. It will certainly reduce the negatives a 'yes' focus creates on your personal posture and demeanor. And that, ironically, may just lead to a yes. 

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