Saturday, November 3, 2012

Everyone Has Fears, Even Wizards

One of my absolute favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz. The movie has such perfect lessons about courage and fear. Loved the Cowardly Lion. I remember thinking as kid, how brave he was even as he walked through the scary forest and repeated "I do believe in spooks" he continued forward. Of course we learn that no one could give him courage, and that he had it in him all along. Another one of my favorite scenes is Dorothy and Professor Marvel (later the Wizard) talking about his adventures; a great reminder that everyone has fears, even Wizards!

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Miriam Buhr said...


What a POWERFUL message...Love it!

Even wizards have fears... and look at them BE ever so confident and knowing!

I remember being part of a team building activity focused on creating a mission and vision statement for our family service center and we used The Wizard of Oz as the theme! It was fabulous...and INspiring. You just took me waay back...thank you for that beautiful memory!


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