Saturday, May 4, 2013

Handling NO "Well"

We talk a lot about feelings around the words yes and no. We teach people to get off the 'emotional roller coaster' when they hear yes and no, so that they are not creating an emotionally unhealthy lifestyle for themselves.

Your customer or prospect doesn't want to climb onto the 'emotional roller coaster' with you!  Remember that 'No' is a perfectly acceptable answer.

Now while we are constantly looking for ways to deal with that 'no' by following up, getting creative, and on and on... ultimately your initial first reaction to getting a 'no' has got to be positive! If you act in such a way that makes someone uncomfortable and regret dealing with you then getting referrals from that person and  getting the future yes that may well be there will be very difficult.

So when you get a 'no' respond positively with enthusiasm. Help your customer or prospect see that for you, it's about service and asking... and that they will not be penalized for saying 'no' to you. Do this enough, and not only will keep yourself off the emotional roller coaster, you will have a better chance later on to turn that 'no' into a yes!

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