Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Selling and the Lottery

Play the lottery?

Some people think that the longer a certain combination of numbers is not drawn, the better the probability of that combination being drawn in subsequent draws.  This is mathematically incorrect.

Lottery draws are what are called "independent events" which means that every lottery draw is totally unrelated from the others and the new numbers drawn have nothing to do with the numbers drawn in the previous draw or in the future for that matter.

In sales, like the lottery, each conversation is NEW and could be a NO or YES. If you've had a string of NO's the next one could be the YES! And like the lottery, the more you play the more you might win. (right?) Well, kind of.  The reality is you *must* play to have a chance of winning. 
You have to play and get NO's to have the chance for the yeses!

The good news in sales is, with each "play" you get the opportunity to IMPROVE, learn and grow whether it was a YES or a NO. More good news: sales has much better odds than the lottery.

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