Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Man Who Paints with His Nose

The next time you feel like life is not giving you all you want and deserve, you must step back and gain some perspective.

We know, it's hard when you are too busy worrying about what you don't have. Really you have to snap out of it. It's what helps us make "failing our way to success" fun and do-able! When things go wrong, we make a mistake, a business idea flops, we step back and gain that perspective.

Last year we were in our old hometown of Los Angeles walking through Santa Monica's 3rd St. Promenade. We noticed a man in a wheel chair in his own world painting away... but he wasn't painting with his hands or fingers. Or even arms. Or feet. He was painting with his nose. Afflicated with cerebal palsy since birth, Gille Legacy has had no use of his arms or legs. But for the last 40 years he has been painting. He has also written and published four books of poetry and short stories. They are all typed on his compuer. With his nose.

To try to explain to you something about this person is like describing a perfect sunset, you have to see it. Not only does he have talent he has an amazing perspective. We encourage you to visit Gille's web site; learn about him on his amazing video The Man Who Paints With His Nose.

It has been said that excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure. Gille makes no excuses.

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Patricia Singleton said...

Some people have such courage and strength that Life cannot defeat them. They are such an inspiration to the rest of us. Thanks for sharing this story.

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