Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Someone is eating your lunch...

Lunch is being served as we speak. The question is, while you’re sitting back - worried that someone might tell you "NO" and reject you - someone is eating your next meal. And the one after that, too! And do you know who it is that’s eating your lunch? Someone just like you! The same height… the same weight… the same hair color. Someone with the same fears and apprehensions. The only difference is that they have summoned the courage and mastered the ability to act in the face of fear, to stumble and 'flee forward' while everyone else is sitting back and waiting. Including you, perhaps?

So, who do you want to be: The person who is eating (maybe really well) or one of the hungry? Because right now - this very minute - YOUR lunch is being served! YOUR LUNCH! The only question is: Will you be there to eat it? Because, if not, someone else will.

1 comment:

RCBonay said...

Great post! If this doesn't make you HUNGRY to get after your dreams, what will?

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