Saturday, February 5, 2011

Should You Love NO?

Do you love hearing the word No? Most people don't - in fact, most people hate hearing No! They do everything within their power to avoid hearing No. How? Simple. By avoiding calling and contacting people who they THINK might say no. As it turns out, for many people, that becomes almost everyone! As you can imagine, that is a big issue, right?

First of all, who are we to decide for someone else what their answer will be? In doing so, we rob other people of their opportunity to hear about a service, new product, or interesting offer that could - at the very least make a small improvement to their life... and most - completely change their life!

So, should you fall in love with NO? If you LOVE serving others, if you are in LOVE with the mission you are on... then yes, should love NO... or at least fall into serious "like" with "no!"

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